The Waddensea – unique in this world! The Waddensea, which passes the coastlines of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, is an unmatched, dynamic landscape. Nowhere in the world
you will find such a vast and diverse area that arose under the influence of tides and where changes are daily noticeable.

An extensive system of ditches and gullies alternates with tidal sand flats. Mussel beds, nutrient-rich mud, extensive salt marshes, white sand beaches end dunes and here and there waving fields of sea grass. This variety of landscapes makes the Waddensea a unique habitat which visitors can enjoy whole year round. The Waddensea is also an indispensable stopover for millions of  birds during their trek. And over more than 10.000, often rare, plants and animals find their home here.

Since 2009 is the Waddensea of Germany and the Netherlands a worldheritage since 2009. The aim is to join the Danish part as well.

There are several activities that you can do here:

  • Mudflat hiking
  • Fishing at sea
  • Visiting the isles Schiermonnikoog or Ameland
  • Dinghy sailing