Zoutkamp is situated in the most northwest tip of the province of Groningen, in the community De Marne. The village counts about 1300 inhabitants.

Zoutkamp is a village with an extensive history. In the eighty Year’s war it was a fortress and afterwards a thriving fishing village, located at the former Lauwerszee.

In present time the sea doesn’t reach Zoutkamp anymore. At Zoutkamp the Reitdiep, the Lauwers and the Hunsingo Canal come together to enter, after some kilometers, the Lauwersmeer.

After the disappearance of the fishery at the harbor of Zoutkamp, the village became a tourist attraction, and rightly so!
Zoutkamp still breaths the atmosphere of days gone by, with its monumental locks, its many waters, the terraces overlooking the harbor and among others the fisheries museum.

At the other side of the old dyke at Zoutkamp you find national park Lauwersmeer and world heritage Waddensea.

Check for more and extended information about Zoutkamp and the Lauwersmeer-area the (Dutch) websites indicated below:

Or visit the local tourist information situated at the Reitsdiepkade in Zoutkamp.

In a word, Tugboat Willem offers a special stay at the foot of National Park Lauwersmeer and world heritage Waddensea.